Semih Acanal

Dipl.-Ing. Elektrotechnik
Technische Universität Istanbul, Hannover ( SAG, Tektronix, Danaher)

Semih is the co-founder of Genba Consulting. For more than 30 years Semih has experience in leading product marketing and business operations for the Telecommunication Test & Measurement Industry.

He led international teams in multi-cultural and cross-functional environments for Worldwide Pricing Strategy, Order Analysis and Forecasting, Channel Partner Management and Business Development, Product Life Cycle Management, Rental and Demo Business , Development & Execution of Marketing Campaigns

Some of his recent consulting/advisory projects were:

  • Frequently featured speaker for corporate seminars as “Monday Lectures” for pricing,
  • order analysis & forecasting and Kaizen events,
  • Corporate Advisor for annual price change and its ww communication ,
  • Senior Advisor for new product pricing with focus “value pricing” method,
  • Pricing Manager for 100+ large deal reviews over 100K$,
  • advising the best pricing strategy and getting them approved by VP’s,
  • Senior Advisor for semi-annual product pruning review

Semih´s main approach “change for the better” encourages him for continuously defining effective ways to improve products and processes and help customers to do the same. The future is always lean and winning is fun.