The Japanese term Kaizen means change (Kai) for the better (Zen). The methodological approach is based on a working and life philosophy with the assumption that each system is left to decay from the moment of its creation, unless it’s constantly being improved and optimized. This continuous and endless improvement takes place in a stepwise and selective perfecting methodology for a service, product or process. Customer will receive extended value by conscious use of Kaizen, e.g.  by slight design changes, better services or more customer orientation. The more transparency is created, the more effective and faster improvements can be integrated into the business processes. Many principles of Kaizen can be transferred to the private sphere, such as a permanent housekeeping without repeated clean-up activities.



Genba Consulting helps you to implement Kaizen methods and processes in your company and to integrate the planned improvements in the business processes. With Kaizen you acquire the methodology of the continuous improvement process through the use of proven technical aids such as ” 3-M Waste”, ” 4phase model “, ” 5-S Actions” and  sharing our best practices  e.g.

  • Genba: Go to Genba!
  • Muda: Take a Muda Walk!
  • 5-S: Make it way of life!
  • Visual Management:  Use PDCA chart!
  • Daily Management:  ensure effective use of resources!