Commercial Marketing


What your customers care about most is the price. Therefore, the pricing strategy shouldn’t be considered isolated from the corresponding product, distribution and communication strategies. Even more it should also be integrated into the customer, market and competitive strategy of the company, because the price is as a very “sharp instrument” in the marketing tool set and the strongest profit driver in the P&L calculation. The willingness of the customer to pay is always a reflection of the perceived value or benefits of a product by the customer. Therefore, there is only one right price, but many wrong prices.

Despite hundreds of publications many entrepreneurs today know still surprisingly less about the price and its effects.



Genba Consulting helps you to implement Commercialization methods and processes in your company. With Commercialization methods you will acquire deep understanding of the pricing process through the use of proven technical aids such as “Marketing Mix”, “cost based, value based and rules based pricing” and through sharing our best practices e.g.

  • Product Life Cycle pricing: Skimming or penetration?
  • Discount and Promotions: Don’t lose money on the table!
  • Price war with potential two losers: Watch with distance!
  • Value proposition and behavioral price: Beat the competition!
  • Price changes: Understand dynamic pricing and it`s elasticity!