Business Cooperation


Business Cooperation & Partnering is the process of two or more entities creating synergistic solutions to their challenges.  The main benefit is the increased „competitive and coopetitive advantage” through reduced cost, increased  revenue, better products, high occupation and more flexibility, when a merger or acquisition is not feasible.

Business Cooperation & Partnering has gained significant momentum within leading global business as a medium for achieving significant revenue growth.  Joint product development and Joint selling are two highly requested examples for Business Cooperation & Partnering.


Genba Consulting helps you to organize, develop and enforce

  • operative (short-term),
  • tactical (medium-term) and
  • strategic (long-term)

partnerships for your international business..You become more flexible in all areas of operation and will gain best cost levels from your partners. Together with your partners you will jointly explore new innovative ideas and achieve quality advantages on top. You will become a frontrunner on the market by combined offers of own and third party products and services.